About WHY

For many prog fans, it was a bitter shock when Kay Soehl separated from Sylvan in 2007 - the band he co-founded when he was still at school. After that, it was pretty quiet around him for 14 years. Until the end of 2019, music only played a very minor role in his life. After breaking up with Sylvan, Kay tried to lead a "normal" life for a long time - only to realize that something was always missing - MUSIC.

Like all of us, Kay went through some deep valleys during this time. At a particularly difficult low point, he unpacked his old guitar for the first time after many years and began to play. Something that had lain dormant for years broke through with force. Everything came back to life and the idea for a concept album quickly grew in him.

In spring 2021, he approached Jens Lueck (SINGLE CELLED ORGANISM) with this idea for a very personal album, who took the idea on with great interest. Six months later, the album began to take shape in Jens' Art of Music Studio and was created in intensive collaboration over a period of 18 months. Kay and Jens complemented each other in an extremely fruitful way, both in terms of composition and arrangement, so that the creation process was like a joint journey. The instrumentals were recorded in the studio first, with Kay on acoustic and electric guitars and bass and Jens on drums and keyboards. He found an extremely expressive singer in Volker Oster, who enriched the album with his versatility.

At the same time, Kay had started to play in a nameless band in Bad Segeberg district, which he was able to win over for the live realization. Joerg Linke (bass) was added to the line-up, which was later joined by second guitarist Jockel Luedeke. The album takes us on a journey from the beginning to the end, through highs and lows. It leaves the listener room for interpretation, but wants to be understood in the broadest sense as a critique of immoderate and disrespectful consumption.


Against the backdrop of a problem known to all, WHY challenges each individual to question oneself - the big question: Why actually? Everyone has to answer this question for him or herself. Musically, the roots are in progressive rock, but the boundaries are opened up and you can hear electronic influences, classical elements, but also post-rock touches, always dynamically combined and carried by Kay's elegiac, melodic guitar playing.